January 10, 2018

Wine Country Network Accepting Entries for 2018 International Rosé Competition

Registration is ongoing through May 11, 2018, and is open to Rosé producers around the world

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January 11, 2018

Wine Country Network Announces Date for the Drink Pink Vino International Rosé Festival

4th Annual International Rosé Wine Festival in the Rockies takes place on Friday, June 8, 2018

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Drink Pink





Rosé: The Epitome of a Modern Wine Lifestyle


Story by Kendra Anderson

Advanced Sommelier




Be honest: Do you still wince a little at the idea of drinking pink wine? If you answered yes, take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. But you probably will be before long.


That’s because rosé consumption in the United States has quite literally skyrocketed in recent years, up nearly 40% in 2013. If that impressive statistic wasn’t noteworthy enough, consider that precipitous incline as compared to our total wine consumption, which grew by just slightly more than a measly one percent during the same timeframe. Is your mind blown yet?


Having been a veritable champion of pink in the wine industry for the past decade, this news is music to my ears. But given all the delightful qualities of rosé, I can’t say it comes as any surprise. And if you consider the notion that 21st century wine drinkers crave far less fuss and a heck of a lot more fun in their glass, you might be starting to see some of why drinking pink is the ideal way to pursue your modern wine lifestyle.


What exactly is this “wine lifestyle” I’m referring to? Mostly, it’s a mindset. One that’s focused on learning about, consuming, and ultimately enjoying wine – but in a much more relaxed, unpretentious way than ever before. It’s about drinking what’s appropriate for the season, reasonably priced, and perfect for consuming with food or on its own. If you’re old enough to remember those rather unfortunate “blush” wines of the 70s and 80s, then you know that perhaps only one of those descriptions could ever be accurate – because most of those wines were definitely cheap. The downside? They were sweet, unrefined, and if we’re being frank, not very good.


Today’s rosé wines are the polar opposite of the pink plonk you may have tried – and likely hated – back then. That’s because Old and New World winemakers alike are now producing rosé wines with intent; that is to say, planning to make high quality wines that will showcase a specific terroir, grape variety or vinicultural style that reflects their label’s values. All of that dedication means we are now talking about wines possessed of refreshing acidity and balanced, red berry fruit notes. Wines that range in style from brisk sparklers (perfect for pre-dinner sipping) to ripe, fleshy pinks hearty enough to go toe-to-toe with roasted chicken or a grilled ribeye steak. Something else you should know is that rosé is no longer strictly for summertime enjoyment. As you would with classic white and red wines, simply reach for lighter-bodied versions during warmer months and seek out bolder, richer expressions when the temperatures drop. There’s also no need to cling to the old-school adage that rosé is for casual

affairs only; feel free to open higher-end bottles (say, in the $25 to $30 dollar range) and prepare to impress every guest at your next

sit-down dinner soireé.


Speaking of prices, that brings us to one of our very favorite things about rosé – its remarkable affordability. For your everyday pinks, there’s not a reason in the world to spend more than $20 a bottle. You’ll find plenty of inexpensive, extraordinarily quaffable options choose from – particularly from Côtes de Provence, where some of the best pink wines in the world are made. Don’t limit yourself to French varieties only – rosé of Vinho Verde from Portugal, Tempranillo rosado from Italy, and brace yourself – completely reimagined (read: bone-dry and delicious!) white zinfandel from California’s Central Coast deliver equal parts high quality and value.


Today’s wine lifestyle is about ease: Drinking wines that are delicious, versatile, and most important – bring a sense of joie de vivre to any occasion. Rosé is the epitome of those values – join the movement!

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